claude closeup

the village blacksmith

Spooner, Claude Spooner was his name the Bale blacksmith his sisters had the farmhouse over the road he shod horses, mended farm implements, and made wrought iron objects – window and door fastenings, gate latches, hooks and rings. he must have been busy once with […]

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sun walking

Winter dawn near solstice horizon brimming, outlining. A blinding orange bead behind my left shoulder catching grass seed heads glinting through the bare hedge shining through remaining leaves illuminating red spotted yellow maple. Walking up the wet tarmac lane into the sun with arms open and […]

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the Spanish for cardigan is rebecca, as sabina is a ballet pump, a film of glamour for everyday clothes. But Rebecca was not the cardigan-wearing young protagonist, respectable, inexperienced, over-awed by the reputation of her predecessor. She probably never wore one but seemed only to […]

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moby5 019


bright flames at kiln mouth silent pots await the heat thrush singing above. christmas tree branches green triple fringe fingers spreading their network. greedy fire monster we feed you little sticks now but later, whole trees. single notes of liquid while I, earthbound, feed the […]

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four corpses

On Clip Street a hare slung in the hedge on Monday all angular legs and be-dewed fur. On Wednesday a young fox, ginger-rust coat and tail immaculate face bloodied. Yesterday a young tawny lay on its side in the middle of the road, the dog […]

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